Animal Humane Society: Please help us make big hearts!

According to the Animal Humane Society, could you give someone a lot of love and have some extra room in your house? They need people like you to take in dogs as foster parents. Especially big, loving puppies that have been waiting calmly to be adopted into permanent homes.

Animal Humane Society: Big dogs have big hearts.

Animal Humane Society: Please help us make big hearts!

Please look at Nick Nier and her animal friend, Alfie. The little guy Alfie isn’t very big, but his heart is as big as it can be. Because of a fall that broke both of his legs, he was able to access the shelter. In order for him to heal from his surgery, Nick took him in as a foster kid. As they got better, they were able to help each other and eventually couldn’t live without each other. From the time Nick decided to adopt Alfie until now, the two of them have been best friends. koin303

Animal Humane Society: Why are you important to us?

Dogs used to come and go from the shelter every seven to ten days. These days, some of the dogs have to wait up to two months for their new homes to adopt them. One reason for this is that big dogs have a harder time finding homes because not all apartments can fit them. The shelter is in need of more foster homes to help them because they have been saving more animals than ever before.

Animal Humane Society: What You’re Going to Do

The job of foster parents is to give a dog that needs a home a short place to stay. It is up to the Animal Humane Society to make sure you have everything you need and help you along the way. You are giving these dogs a break from the life they have in shelters by fostering them. You are giving them the chance to feel love and care in the comfort of their own homes. koin303

Some Good Things About Fostering

Fostering dogs is good for both you and the dogs. Nick says that it has made her life better. Even though it can be hard to say goodbye, it is very satisfying to know that you helped a dog get ready for their new home. Additionally, foster parents have first choice when it comes to adopting their pet friends if they can’t bear the thought of giving them up.

Join the Fostering Family.

The Animal Humane Society wants you to get in touch with them if you are ready to take in a pet friend who is in need. In addition to people who can adopt dogs, they also need people who can help them feed kittens formula in the spring. So, whether you like dogs, cats, or both, there is a furry friend out there that could use your help. Let’s change the world together!