Chandigarh Mayoral Elections

Chandigarh Mayoral Elections, there’s been some drama in the mayoral elections. The Supreme Court stepped in last month, saying the results of the previous rigged elections were a big no-no and declared AAP-Congress candidate Kuldeep Kumar as the rightful mayor.

AAP Councillors Jump Ship

Now, fast forward to today – the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) managed to snag the senior deputy mayor and deputy mayor positions. How? Well, three Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) councillors decided to switch sides, giving the BJP the edge.

Fresh Polls After Supreme Court’s Ruling

Remember, these elections were happening again because the Supreme Court wasn’t happy with how things went down in the last round. They overturned the results and said, “Hey, let’s try this again.”

AAP’s Attempt to Win Over Defectors

AAP tried to woo back those councillors who jumped ship, but no luck. They stuck with the BJP, sealing the deal for their victory.

AAP Not Happy with BJP’s Win

AAP’s not too thrilled about BJP’s win. They’re saying, “Hey, you guys only won because of horse trading and shady tactics.”

BJP Comes Out on Top

In the end, BJP clinched the win for both positions – senior deputy mayor and deputy mayor – thanks to those defected councillors.

Chandigarh MC Now a Bit Messy

Now, things are a bit messy in the Chandigarh Municipal Corporation. The mayor’s from AAP-Congress, but his deputies are now from the BJP. Talk about awkward!

What’s Next for AAP Mayor?

So, what’s gonna happen now? Well, the mayor’s office might face some challenges with BJP deputies trying to throw a wrench in their plans. Plus, BJP has more members in the MC house, giving them more power to push through their own agendas.

Eyes on the Lok Sabha Elections

But wait, there’s more! Both parties are also gearing up for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. It’s all about gaining momentum and securing those votes. Let’s see how this political drama unfolds!